From being an early specialist in fuel-injected engines to specializing in the care of hybrids, Cincinnati Hybrid, a division of Overbeck Auto (which has always been on the cutting edge of automotive technology), is the place to have your hybrid vehicle serviced.

While any shop can work on a hybrid, the technicians at Cincinnati Hybrid are specially trained to understand the complexities and differences in a hybrid. As AC/DC Qualified Master Hybrid Technicians, Matt and David are the area’s leading experts on hybrid vehicles, serving on the ASA Ohio board as well as “subject matter expert” participants in NATEF review groups. This expertise is what gives Cincinnati Hybrid an edge over everybody else in town.

We also won’t tell you that you must replace a $3,000 battery if the problem is a $250 fix. Additionally, Cincinnati Hybrid takes care to repair and replace items with rebuilt parts, where possible, which often come with longer warranties than dealer replacements.

In addition, you can rest assured that Cincinnati Hybrid understands your unique vehicle, from the sensitive transmission in a Honda to the electric drive motor on a Toyota. Thanks to our extensive hybrid experience, Cincinnati Hybrid drivers receive all the maintenance their car needs to reach 250,000 miles or more.

With almost every major automaker producing their own hybrid, drivers are looking more and more into buying hybrids. Let Cincinnati Hybrid take some of the uncertainty out of that purchase when you bring your hybrid in for routine care or any unique problems that may arise. The specialized care at Cincinnati Hybrid will help ensure a long life for your hybrid vehicle.


Our History

Overbeck Auto Services started with a dream and a plan. Steve Overbeck returned from the Navy and Vietnam in 1971, ready to start his own auto repair business with a better idea.

Experienced as an auto dealership line mechanic, Steve knew he had to find a way to provide better, more personalized service. He and his wife, Ann, opened their first shop in Oakley with exceptional service as their top priority.

Though they moved to Madisonville in 1990, Overbeck Auto Services has been in business for more than 45 years. Since the beginning, Steve has emphasized continual training to keep up with new technology so we can continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Matt Overbeck, Steve and Ann’s son, is now at the helm. He grew up under Steve’s wing, learning the automotive repair trade from the best. Growing from cleaning parts and sweeping floors as a child to rebuilding a Pontiac Catalina as a teenager and earning a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati, Matt is fully committed to seeing his Dad’s dream grow, thrive, and prosper.

In November 2018, Overbeck Auto Service took over Ray and Ron’s Auto Service in Amelia, OH from Ray Jessee, Steve’s personal friend and colleague. Both men started their businesses in the 1970s, when engines still used carburetors and emission controls were a new technology.

Both men aspired to the highest degree of personal, thoughtful, friendly service with the highest degree of professionalism. More than 40 years later, we’re still providing their brand of automotive services at both facilities as both Cincinnati Hybrid and Overbeck Auto Service.

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