Cincinnati Hybrid Coolant Services

Coolant – also called antifreeze – is a crucial fluid for keeping your vehicle running. If your engine is running hot (or your car has reached 100k miles) and you need hybrid coolant services, turn to Cincinnati Hybrid. We have the same tools and training as the technicians at the dealership, but we provide better service and less hassle.

Signs Your Hybrid Needs Coolant Service

In general, most cars need a coolant service once they’ve been driven 100k miles. Your hybrid may need service sooner than that if:

  • You see antifreeze (orange or green fluid) under your vehicle
  • Your car’s temperature gauge reads hotter than usual
  • You see flecks or bits of rust in the coolant
  • You hear a grinding noise under the hood
  • You see steam or smell an odor like boiling maple syrup coming from your engine

What’s the Difference Between a Coolant Flush and a Coolant Drain and Fill?

While both a coolant flush and a drain and fill will remove the old coolant from your hybrid and replace it with fresh coolant, there are important differences between the two services.

  • Coolant drain and fill (standard coolant service): The old fluid drains from your car using gravity and is replaced by hand with fresh fluid.
  • Coolant flush and fill: A chemical is added to the coolant system that removes buildup and debris. Then, a machine flushes the old fluid out and adds new fluid. This service helps remove more particles for a smoother running engine.

Hybrid Coolant Service in Madisonville and Amelia, OH

If your hybrid has more than 100k miles on it or if you’re noticing other signs that you need a coolant service, count on the experts at Cincinnati Hybrid. With locations in Madisonville and Amelia, OH, we’re Cincinnati’s best choice for hybrid service, maintenance, and repairs.

As Cincinnati’s first and only independent automotive repair facility specializing in hybrids, we’re the best alternative to the dealership. And, since we use manufacturer-specific parts and fluids, we meet all your warranty requirements.

For hybrid maintenance, repairs, and service, contact your nearest Cincinnati Hybrid location now to schedule an appointment.