Hybrid Drive Motor Testing, Repair, and Replacement

Hybrid vehicles use two power sources to function: a traditional combustion engine and an electric drive motor that draws power from the large battery. The battery is charged by the combustion engine and regenerative braking.

While any trained car repair technician can service a combustion engine, it takes special training to know how to test, repair, or replace a hybrid’s electric drive motor. You don’t need to go to the dealership to find an experienced mechanic who can handle hybrid repairs and maintenance.

Cincinnati Hybrid has two of the metro area’s leading hybrid vehicle experts. And, since we use OEM parts, having us service your hybrid won’t void your warranty.

Madisonville and Amelia, OH Hybrid Drive Motor Testing, Repair, and Replacement

Going to the dealership for hybrid maintenance and repairs can be a frustrating experience. Hybrid repairs seem to take forever and cost a fortune. They might not explain what they’re doing or why, and you just have to hope your vehicle actually needs every service they recommend.

Cincinnati Hybrid is different. We only recommend services that your hybrid really needs. We won’t insist your drive motor or battery need to be replaced when cheaper repairs will work just as well to solve the problem. Additionally, we use rebuilt parts when possible to save you even more money.

Cincinnati’s #1 Hybrid Service Alternative

You don’t need to go to the dealership for hybrid drive motor services. Our AC/DC Qualified Master Hybrid Technicians Matt and David are Cincinnati’s leading experts on hybrid vehicles. In fact, they’re “subject matter expert” participants in NATEF review groups.

If your hybrid needs drive motor testing, repair, or replacement, contact your nearest Cincinnati Hybrid location today to schedule an appointment and forget the hassle of the dealership. With locations in Amelia and Madisonville, OH, we’re a convenient option for many Cincinnati residents.