Cincinnati Hybrid Suspension Repair

When you need a hybrid suspension service, don’t choose between the hassle of the dealership and the inexperience of the other guys. Cincinnati Hybrid is the first and only independent auto repair facility in the Cincinnati area to specialize in hybrid vehicles.

In fact, our AC/DC Qualified Master Hybrid Technicians, Matt and David, are hybrid “subject matter expert” participants in NATEF review groups. We’ll also never push you into expensive services your hybrid just doesn’t need.

How Do I Know if My Hybrid Needs Suspension Service?

Not sure if you need hybrid suspension maintenance or repairs? Here are some of the classic signs that you may have suspension problems:

  • Braking problems even though your brakes are fine
  • Clanking or squeaking when you hit bumps in the road
  • Excessive bouncing and swaying

Cincinnati Suspension Maintenance and Repair for Hybrids

With locations in Amelia and Madisonville, Ohio, Cincinnati Hybrid is perfectly situated to help drivers all around the greater Cincinnati area. Our tools, training, and parts are at least as good as what you’ll find at the dealership, if not better, with less hassle and better customer service.

To make an appointment, pick your nearest location (Madisonville or Amelia, OH) and contact Cincinnati Hybrid today.