Hybrid Transmission Services in Cincinnati

Although your hybrid doesn’t need a transmission service very often, it’s still an important part of maintaining your vehicle. Don’t choose between a mechanic who may not have much experience with hybrids or the stress of going to the dealership for maintenance.

The professionals at Cincinnati Hybrid have specialized training, tools, and experience with hybrids that other independent shops just don’t have. At the same time, we provide much better customer service than the dealership.

How Often Should You Get a Transmission Service?

Always check your owner’s manual, as recommendations vary by make and model. However, manual transmissions usually need to be serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, while automatic transmissions typically need serviced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

You may need to get a transmission service sooner than that if:

  • You’re having trouble shifting gears
  • You hear grinding sounds under the car when the engine is running
  • Your vehicle doesn’t move when you push the gas pedal
  • Your car slips between gears

What Is a Hybrid Transmission Service?

At its most basic level, a transmission service involves removing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid. Depending on your hybrid’s needs, a transmission service may also include:

  • Cleaning or replacing the filter or screen
  • Cleaning the pan
  • Removing and inspecting the pan or sump
  • Reinstalling the pan with a new gasket
  • Additional services as needed

Amelia and Madisonville, OH Hybrid Transmission Services

Skip the dealership when you need hybrid transmission service. Trust the experts at Cincinnati Hybrid, instead. With two locations to serve you, we’re Cincinnati’s best choice for hybrid service and repairs.

To schedule an appointment, contact your nearest location. We have shops in Amelia and Madisonville, OH to manage your hybrid repairs and maintenance.